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Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program Revealing!

Akbayan’s Kuya/Ate Ading Mentorship Program (recently known as KAMP) started in 1995 as an outreach program for Pilipino youth, focused on teaching Pilipino culture and social/political issues; lessons evolved into an after-school program that collaborated with the Filipino Youth Coalition (FYC). KAAMP restarted on campus in 2003 and aimed to create lasting bonds among Akbayan members, old and new, as well as welcome and orient newer members to college life. Members who wanted to be mentors applied to become Kuyas or Ates while members who wished to be mentored applied to become Adings. Family bonds established among members and created lasting relationships built on strong foundations of compatibility. By the end of Spring 2004, KAAMP became a permanent facet of the organization.

A tid bit from the intern: Hey Hey Hey, Its about that time again! I hope for all the Ates/Kuyas-to-bes are all ready with their presents and hints for their adings! Its time for some fun! For all the adings to be… Hi ading. I’m your… troll<3 Get ready to be trolled this week by all the ates/kuya out there cause they know you are wondering who your ate/kuya is! Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert. You never know if that one person is actually your ate/kuye~ Whoop whoop, Have fun! Remember REVEALING is this Thursday, February 28! Adings don’t forget to come pick up your hints and so forth at the table located in the ART QUAD! If you have any questions feel free to ask the ates/kuyas around ya… or the cab members they might be able to clear up some of your questions… Just not who your ate/kuya is! :)

Shout out to RANDOM FAMILY! Yee Yee, we Random! 

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