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Sandy Huynh
Candidacy: Media & Publications Officer

Hello everyone! If we haven’t met before, my name is Sandy, and yes, you can use the squirrel from Spondgebob to help remember my name. Even though in this semester, it seems like I have been “missing in action” from Akbayan, I have still managed to attend to a few general meetings, became a part of AK Spikers, and participated as PCN. Being away from this organization made me realized how much I have missed being a part in it.

But let’s cut to the chase. After being a pledge historian for Alpha Phi Omega, I felt that media is something that I want to carry on into the next semester. I also want to give back to Akbayan by contributing new and creative ideas. Ever heard of the three words that I now live by? GSD. Get Stuff Done! Sandy Huynh for the win!

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